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UPR37: Denmark recommends Oman to criminalize intimate partner violence, to ensure laws on telecommunication and cybercrime respect freedom of expression and to ratify OPCAT

Universal Periodic Review, 37rd session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Oman, 21th January 2020
Intervention by Denmark

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Denmark welcomes the delegation of Oman and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend the withdrawal of the reservation to CEDAW art. 15,4. However, we remain concerned with the prevalence of sexual- and gender-based violence against women in Oman.

Denmark recommends to adopt legislation to explicitly criminalize domestic and intimate partner violence, including marital rape

We note with concern the reports of restrictions of freedom of expression and media freedoms, offline as well as online.

Denmark recommends to amend the 2002 Telecommunications Act and the 2011 Cybercrime Law to bring them into line with international standards on the right to freedom of opinion and expression

Finally, Denmark recommends to ratify OPCAT

We wish Oman a successful review. 

Thank you.