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UPR36: Denmark recommends Bulgaria to combat sexual- and gender-based violence by ratifying the Istanbul Convention, and to strengthen the legal framework to address corruption

Universal Periodic Review, 36th  session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Bulgaria, 5th November 2020
Intervention by Denmark

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Mdm. President, 

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Bulgaria and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend Bulgaria on its 2019 Persons with Disabilities Act, which provides a comprehensive legal framework for safeguarding the rights of persons with disabilities.  

We encourage Bulgaria to intensify efforts towards gender equality and to combat sexual- and gender-based violence.

Denmark recommends the Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention. 

Continuing the efforts to strengthen the independence of the judiciary and combatting corruption is key to ensuring confidence in the legal system.

Denmark recommends the Government to introduce the legal framework necessary to effectively investigate and prosecute persons engaged in high-level corruption.

Denmark wishes Bulgaria a successful review.

I thank you.