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UPR36: Denmark recommends Andorra to legalize termination of pregnancies under certain circumstances, to mandate the Ombudsmand to protect women and girls’ rights and to ratify OPCAT.

Universal Periodic Review, 36rd session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Andorra, 5. November 2020 
Intervention by Denmark

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Mme. President, 

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Andorra and thanks the delegation for its presentation today.

We commend Andorra for the creation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Service. However, we note that Andorra has an extremely restrictive legal framework with regards to abortion, which is seriously restricting the bodily autonomy of women.

Denmark recommends the Government to amend its legalisation in order to legalize the termination of pregnancies, at the very least in cases of risk to the life of the pregnant woman, rape, incest and severe impairment of the fetus

We welcome that Andorra has extended the mandate of the Ombudsman, however we note that the mandate does not specifically include the issue of discrimination against women and girls.

Denmark recommends the Government to ensure that the mandate of the Ombudsman complies fully with the Paris Principles and that there is a specific mandate to promote and protect women and girls’ rights and gender equality


Denmark recommends the Government to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.

We wish Andorra a successful review.

I thank you.