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HRC43: Denmark addresses the UN Special Rapporteur on the Islamic Republic of Iran

UN Human Rights Council     
43rd session, 9 March 2020

Interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on
the Islamic Republic of Iran

Intervention by Denmark
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Mdm. President,
Denmark aligns itself with the statement made by the EU
Denmark welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur, and the engagement between Iran and Mr. Rahman in the reporting period.
We regret that the Special Rapporteur is only able to identify few positive developments; such as the introduction of a parliamentary bill to restrict the use of televised confessions and the attendance of 3000 women at a football match.
We are deeply concerned about a number of issues in the report:
• the Iranian authorities’ response to the  protests in November. We urge Iran to respect the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. We remain concerned about those still detained.
• the continued use of capital punishment, including for child offenders. Our concern is compounded by allegations of torture and lack of due process.
• discrimination against religious or belief minorities, particularly non-recognized religions including the Baha’i community.
Mr. Rehman, would you share your thoughts on the most urgent and relevant steps to ensure an independent investigation of the November protests and their aftermath, and on what role there might be for international partners in supporting this?

I thank you, Mdm. President

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