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HRC30: Denmark expresses concern about a range of human rights situations during item 4 debate

Statement by the Danish delegation,
HRC 30th session, Item 4 General debate

Mr President

Denmark aligns itself with the statement read out on behalf of the EU.

Denmark urges the Council to keep focus on Eastern Ukraine and will express our concerns during the dialogue with OHCHR next week.

Denmark condemns the widespread human rights violations and abuses by all parties in South Sudan. The recent peace agreement may hopefully end the suffering of the South Sudanese people and bring perpetrators of atrocities to justice.

We urge DPRK to take all required measures to improve the appalling human rights situation. We welcome OHCHRs presence in Seoul as recommended by the Commission of Inquiry.

We echo the High Commissioner´s call to the Maldives to put an end to arbitrary and political motivated detentions and to grant former president Nasheed all his legal rights and early release.

Israeli settlement activity remains deeply concerning. We urge all duty bearers, Israelis and Palestinians, to protect the human rights of Palestinians and call on Israel to hold accountable all perpetrators, including related to settler violence.

We strongly condemn the horrific human rights abuses and violations committed by ISIL and others in both Syria and Iraq. We are particularly concerned about crimes committed against religious and ethnic minorities.

The detention of human rights activists in Bahrain, including the Danish-Bahraini citizen Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja who is a victim of torture, remains deeply concerning. We urge Bahrain to release all arbitrarily detained persons and appropriately address all reports of ill-treatment and torture in detention facilities.

Denmark encourages Egypt to take further steps to ensure the respect for fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution, including the right to a fair trial.

Finally, regarding Iran, we continue to be concerned about discrimination against women and religious minority groups and about detentions and problematic trials of journalists, bloggers and of civil rights and political activists. Denmark urges Iranian authorities to strengthen its human rights dialogue with national and international partners.