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50 years of ICERD: Denmark sharing best practices

Mr. President,
At the onset allow me to congratulate the Committee on this excellent initiative of a full-day event on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
Immense progress has been achieved in the space of those 50 years. We rejoice at this development. But more can and should be done.
Denmark reaffirms it strong opposition against all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance and call on all to consider further adhesion to the ICERD as well as focusing on the implementation of the convention.
In this regard, allow me to share examples of concrete Danish initiatives, aiming at eliminating discrimination:

First, the Danish Government has established an Anti-discrimination unit in the Ministry of Children, Equality, Integration and Social Affairs in April 2014 to combat discrimination based on ethnicity or disability in all spheres of society. The task of the unit is to identify the extent and specific types of discrimination. It carries out publicly funded anti-discrimination campaigns; coordinates inter-municipal efforts against discrimination; and supports private companies that carry out such efforts in workplaces.

Secondly, a survey on hate crimes or bias-motivated crime has been initiated. The survey covers a wide range of bias-motivated crimes including crimes based on sexual orientation, race, religion, political orientation, disability and social marginalisation. A number of key indicators will be generated which will enable the Government to make a baseline for further monitoring of bias-motivated crimes in Denmark.

Denmark is looking forward to learning more about other stakeholders experience and discussing the way forward during today’s debate and we look forward to continuing the constructive collaboration with the Committee and with our fellow member states at the Human Rights Council on these pertinent issues.
Thank you.